In order to continue to have a positive Christian marriage and avoid the ugly battle of divorce, it's essential to understand the various types of situations that can create dissension. Most commonly, couples deal with issues associated with infidelity and finances, but there are quite a few other factors that can lead to divorce as well. The below list provides some information on the five most underestimated factors that can lead to a divorce.


Married couples typically expectto share their feelings and discuss what their day was like while they were apart. However, if your spouse works all the time and rarely has time to talk or spend time with you, it may make you feel a sense of loneliness. When this happens, you may also feel as if you are in the only one invested in the marriage because of the lack of companionship. In order to combat the loneliness in your marriage, consider meeting for lunch and scheduling dates on both your calendars for couple time.  


Although having an ego can be a good thing at times, it should not get in the way of making important decisions within your marriage. For instance, if you have a disagreement with your spouse and you refuse to listen to them explain because you feel as if you know what happened, then you are letting your ego get in the way. This can not only cause communication issues but also make your spouse feel as if their opinion is not valued. In order to maintain a happy marriage, you should keep your ego in check. If you find yourself over-talking your spouse and defending yourself, then take a step back to calm down. Then you will be in a better position to listen to what's being said and come to a resolution together.


Showing empathy for another individual can be hard because often times you don't understand what has happened. It is possible for you to share something with your spouse and expect some type of feedback or reciprocation about what you are feeling. However, your spouse may be unaware that there is an issue and may not respond as you expect. This can create dissension and cause you to feel as if they are not paying attention to your feelings. To avoid these issues, always explain the situation and ask for their opinion when you want feedback.

Now that you know some of the most underestimated factors that can contribute to divorce, it's essential to take preventative measures in order to remain happily married. However, if there are issues that you can't get past in your marriage, consider going together as a couple for Christian marriage counseling with professionals like The Center for Family Counseling, Inc.