The government and the general public have come a long way when it comes to recognizing and accepting same-sex relationships. Same-sex marriages are continuing to be legalized across the United States, the mainstream of society has become more accepting of gays and lesbians, and new positive developments seem to occur almost daily. However, as a whole, society still has a ways to go before those in same-sex relationships no longer have to face issues that those in heterosexual relationships don't.

Things You May Come Up Against

Avoidance of a same-sex relationship is one of the consequences some people endure. You may avoid being in a relationship due to the way you think you'lll be viewed or treated. You may be among those that force yourself into a heterosexual relationship because you are afraid to deal with the struggles that come with finding true love.

If you are one of the gay or lesbian people who have an accepting family and circle of friends, you probably still come up against obstacles. Some prominent issues that people in same-sex relationships face are as follows:

  • Disapproval of family and friends – Some gays and lesbians attempt to hide their sexuality from family and friends. Not only is that difficult, most of the time they aren't fooling anyone. They are only making it easy for everyone to avoid talking about and accepting one another.
  • Disapproval and rejection from religious affiliations – There are religions, or branches of religions, that won't seem to bend on their beliefs when it comes to same-sex couples.
  • Issues with having children – You and your partner may want to have children or already do. Some of the issues you may face or be facing are:
    • Difficulties adopting – Adoptions are handled by local courts. This means each state has its own laws. Most states do allow same-sex couples to adopt. You may still face difficulties imposed by a society whose majority still believes a child should have a male father and female mother.
    • Difficulties from the public – Same-sex parents may find themselves up against discrimination and prejudices from society and schools. Unfortunately, the children of same-sex parents may find themselves up against similar issues.

Helpful Solutions

One of the most important things you and you partner can do is be true to who you are. Find those that will support you. There are communities and religious affiliations that are as accepting of same-sex couples as they are of anyone else. If at all possible, surround yourselves with them.

Social pressures are likely going to take a toll on you and your partner. Relationships always have their struggles. Unfortunately, society tends to put additional struggles on same-sex relationships. Try not to let outside forces harm your relationship. Seek couples counseling at the first signs of strain. Let someone help you get back on track and keep you there.

Today's culture is continuing to move in a positive direction when it comes to the acceptance of same-sex relationships. Hang in there, and do your part to help people see that loving relationships aren't based on sexual orientation.

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