Now that you and your spouse are thinking about having kids, it's important to ensure that you are both ready for all of the responsibilities that come with the blessing of raising a family. While putting everything on paper will give you an idea of the cost and time that will be required of you as parents, the technique won't ensure that you have the communication skills, patience, and commitment it takes to raise a child. Here are a few effective things to consider doing that will help ensure you are really ready for parenthood:

Head to Marriage Counseling

One of the most important ways you can ensure that you and your spouse are both ready for the long term commitment of parenthood is to engage in marriage counseling together. Marriage counseling isn't just a tool for those who are going through rough patches. An effective therapy program should help you both relate to each other in an objective manner so you can better maintain a balanced relationship, encourage you to modify any dysfunctional behaviors that become apparent, and enable you to improve communication techniques with one another – all of these issues are important factors when it comes to successfully raising children.

Play Parents for a Weekend

Another good way to get yourselves ready for the realities of parenthood is to ask a close friend or relative if you can babysit their toddler for a weekend. Plan to spend the entire weekend at home so you can focus on all of the small stuff that's required when caring for a little one such as changing diapers, preparing meals, and finding a way to keep them entertained. The weekend should provide you with a realistic insight into tantrums, midnight feedings, and other not-so-pleasant aspects of parenthood so you can be sure that you're ready to take on the challenge full time.

Participate in Parenting Classes

There are a lot of things to learn about parenthood before a baby is born to ensure that all of their needs of properly taken care of, and to minimize any risks of injury or illness during the baby's first months of life. Participating in parenting classes will teach you everything you need to know, from properly changing diapers and breast feeding or preparing milk, to performing life-saving CPR strategies and knowing what to when serious signs of illness arise.

These tips and tricks are sure to help you and your spouse build a strong bond within your family unit once your new baby is brought into the world. 

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