Everyone feels somewhat gloomy during certain times in their lives. However, about 350 million people suffer from depression around the world; depression is a serious health condition that can go on for months or even years and can have a significant effect on the quality of one's life. If you think you are depressed, check out the following symptoms to see if they seem familiar.

You Don't Get Excited Anymore

Many people imagine that those with depression are always crying or sad, but one common sign that you may be depressed is that you no longer experience excitement, especially for things you used to enjoy.

Apathy, a lack of passion and emotion or concern about things others find exciting, is bothersome for a number of reasons. You might not want to do anything but stay in bed. Others may become angry with you because you don't seem to care about their feelings. You used to love going out with friends and now you have no interest in seeing them at all.

Lack of interest or concern about anything can become particularly problematic when you start neglecting responsibilities like going to work, as that could interfere with your ability to financially provide for and take care of yourself. At this point, you may need a professional's help.

You Aren't Taking Care of Yourself....Because You're Too Tired

One of the more obvious signs that you could be suffering from depression is if you notice that your self-care is nonexistent. If you find that you aren't eating well, let days go by without showering and haven't washed your laundry in a few weeks, that could be an indicator that something is going on with you that isn't positive. You may question why you need to do those things, or worse, you may simply not have the energy to do them.

Many people who are depressed lack energy and experience fatigue. This can be tricky, as you may think for a while that you just need more rest, without realizing that you may be depressed. As a result, you might end up sleeping too much and lay awake all night. The idea of getting up to take a shower might seem to require far more energy than you can muster. This could very well mean that you need to be screened for depression.

If you are experiencing any of these feelings or symptoms, do your best to see a mental health professional as soon as you can. If you do not have health insurance, you can head to a local clinic, as they are typically staffed with medical volunteers who are ready to provide screenings and assess any symptoms you may be having. If you fear that you may do harm to yourself, go to your local hospital's emergency room; they also have medical volunteers who are qualified to help you with mental health issues right away. To learn more, speak with a business like Twin Lakes Hospice Inc.