As a parent, you hope that your child makes good choices as they grow up. Unfortunately, your child's teenage years can be a tumultuous time. As your child tests out their independence, they may become rebellious. It's important that you keep an eye on your child during this time. If you discover that your child is using alcohol, you'll need to intervene. Here are three things you should do for the best possible outcome.

1. Keep your cool.

If you discover that your teenager is drinking, you will probably have a lot of feelings. You may be angry or frightened. You may feel guilty or like you have failed as a parent. While all these feelings are understandable and natural, you should try to keep your cool in front of your child. Blowing up and screaming won't help the situation, and it may only drive your child further away from you. Take some time to process the information and when you address the issue with your child, try to do it in a clear and level-headed way.

2. Limit your child's freedom.

When you discover your child drinking, that has an unavoidable impact on your relationship with them. You may need to curtail their freedom for a time in order to protect them. You should go through your child's room to make sure they aren't hiding alcohol from you. Depending on the severity of your child's drinking problem, you may want to remove all alcohol from the house. Some parents find it helpful to revoke their child's internet or telephone privileges until their child proves they can be trusted.

3. Send your child to alcohol rehabilitation counseling.

Teenage rebellion is common, and some teens drink because it seems cool or fun. However, if your child is drinking habitually, there may be an underlying reason. Some teenagers experience depression or anxiety as a result of pressures from school or parents. Some are trying to cope with trauma or bullying. You may not be equipped to solve these problems on your own, so it's important to get a specialist involved. An alcohol rehabilitation counselor who specializes in helping teens will be able to give your child the care they need. Together, the counselor will be able to help your child uncover the reason they turned to alcohol. With some concentrated work, they will be able to help your child break free from addiction so they can live a full and happy life.

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