Having a teenager is really difficult, but having a teenager with a drug addiction can be even more of a challenge. If your teenager has started to abuse drugs, then it's best to get them into a treatment program as soon as possible so that they don't get further down the rabbit hole. As a parent though, it can be challenging to decide on the type of treatment center to put them in. This article will list three popular options amongst parents of teenagers. 

1. Holistic Drug Treatment Center

One of the reasons why a lot of parents choose to send their child to a holistic drug treatment center is that it doesn't just treat the addiction, but it gets down to the root of the problem. For instance, a lot of kids start to abuse drugs at a young age because of abuse they experienced in their life or due to a self-esteem issue. During holistic drug treatment, your child's counselors will work with them to target why they started using in the first place. Then, once your child has worked through that, they are less likely to relapse, since they have dealt with the real problem. 

2. Group Counseling 

A lot of teens thrive when they are put in social situations. And a lot of teens need the support of their peers in order to work through something as hard as drug addiction. One option that may help your child is group counseling. During group counseling, your child will hear other kids' drug abuse stories and they can tell theirs, all while being monitored by a professional counselor. Typically, a counselor will guide the conversation in a way that makes the session feel both safe and productive. 

3. Inpatient Detox Program

If your child is abusing hardcore drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, or pills, then they may need to go through a detoxification program in order to get the drugs fully out of their system. During one of these programs, your child will be monitored as the drugs slowly leave their system. A lot of patients will experience adverse detox side effects including vomiting, shaking, insomnia, sweating, and even hallucinations. When they are at a care facility, they will be strictly monitored to make sure they are healthy and safe during this difficult time. 

To learn more about all of your rehabilitation options, reach out to some treatment centers in your area.