One of the most common reasons people seek help from a therapist is for anxiety and depression. Approximately 26% of adults suffer from a diagnosable condition related to depression and anxiety, and many people seek help from their doctors when they need help. Many people also seek help from therapists when they struggle with these feelings. Here is an explanation of how counseling can help you ease your depression and anxiety.

Your Therapist Aims to Learn Your Thoughts

When you initially begin therapy, you will not know your therapist, and they will not know you. For most people, this is comforting to know. Talking to a stranger might be easier than talking to someone you know. The initial goal your therapist has is to learn your thoughts and the way you think. The point of this is to determine what problems you may have and what could be causing these issues. Some people suffer from depression and anxiety from trauma or relational issues, while others suffer from these things from the way they think.

Your Therapist Helps You Open Up About How You Feel

Next, your therapist will encourage you to open up and talk about how you feel. Many people feel anxious and depressed because they feel isolated. They might not have close friends or people to talk to about their feelings. When you bottle everything inside, it can hurt. Therefore, your therapist will help you open up and let out your feelings. When you do this, it can be a freeing and healing experience.

Your Therapist Helps You Learn New Thought Processes

The next thing that occurs in therapy is retraining you to think differently. While some people need medication to treat these issues, other people can treat them naturally by learning new thought processes. If you can learn how to think differently about your life, experiences, and issues, you might discover relief from the way you feel.

Your Therapist Helps You Learn Healthier Coping Methods

Additionally, therapy will help you learn healthier coping methods that you can use when you feel anxious, sad, or depressed. If you can use these new coping methods when you feel sad or anxious, you might find natural relief simply by thinking differently.  

If you are ready to seek help for your depression and anxiety, contact a counseling center. You can schedule a session with a local therapist like Donald McEachran, PHD to address all the problems you face in your life.